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JACK Guarantee

The construction industry has had its issues with individuals and companies that promise the world and deliver something far short of that, never to be seen again. In their defence, by nature of the work we do sometimes despite everyone’s best intentions things can go wrong and it is normally the mark of a company whether they see it right.

At JACK we have always stood behind our team and the quality of our work so should something not go to plan we have always got it right for the client. As we were already ‘walking the walk’ it was recommended that we start ‘talking the talk’ too, so we are pleased to be able to formally introduce the JACK Workmanship Guarantee.

Below is a version we can all read and understand that still keeps our solicitors happy. They have advised that the conditions are subject to change and for the current and full legal wording of this guarantee please refer to the terms of trade relating to your project.

1. Where the customer falls within the definition of “Consumer” as defined in Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, Jack Property Maintenance Limited (“JACK”) guarantees that the services will:

a. Conform to the Quote and Purchase Order;
b. Be fit for the purpose for which they are supplied;
c. Be completed within a reasonable time; and
d. Where services provided involve a third party product installation

(1)That at the time of installation, to the best of JACK’s knowledge the product was free from material defect
(2)The warranty of the product is limited to any applicable Manufacturer’s Warranty applicable at the date of installation (“Warranty Period”)

2. JACK’s absolute limit of liability is to the repair of any defect(s) occurring during the Warranty Period that has arisen due to JACK’s workmanship.

In order to repair any defect in accordance with this guarantee:

  1. JACK must receive written notice within 24 hours of discovery of the defect;
  2. JACK (or its staff, contractors and agents) must be granted immediate access to undertake such repairs as JACK considers necessary to remedy any defect; and
  3. Payment of services supplied must be received within JACK’s normal terms.

Conditions are subject to change. Please refer to our terms of trade for current and full wording of this guarantee.

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