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Bathroom Renovations Aren’t Just For Show

The Benefits Of Renovating Your Bathroom


What’s going on under the floor of your 20-year old shower? Or in the pipes connected to your toilet? It is hard to say when you can’t see it!

Bathrooms are a space that deal with a lot of liquid and moisture. As you well know, moisture is no friend to the interior of your home. Alone, it can cause damp, mould and mildew. Aside from the damage it can cause to your bathroom surfaces, these pathogens are dangerous for your family to breathe in as they could ingest nasty bacteria.

And that is just the moisture generated by the daily use of your bathroom. What about the wastewater that flows through the pipes or the shower water that drains out the plughole? Do you really know where that water is going?

Bathroom fittings do not last forever. Over time they can develop leaks, rust, or fracture. That means the water does not go where it should any more. It can cause unseen damage to your home without you even knowing it.

A renovation project can ensure all pipes, fixtures and fittings are updated. This minimises the risk of any leaks in your home.

Add Function

After putting up with it for 5 years, wouldn’t you rather the bathroom door didn’t open into the side of the shower? Or that you could comfortably sit on the toilet without bumping your knees?

The great thing about a bathroom renovation is that you can change all those things that annoy you about your bathroom and make it a more functional area. By using a renovations expert (like the team here at Jack), they can create a plan that will best utilise all the space in the room. You can then fill those spaces with appropriately sized cabinets, bath and shower facilities.

Enjoy better flow and functionality with a well designed room.

Add Value

We can’t write an article about the benefits of renovating your bathroom without mentioning the fact that a new bathroom adds value to your home. A stylish, modern bathroom certainly makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. In fact, it could be a deciding factor for why they end up purchasing – because they don’t have to do any updates themselves.

When a buyer walks around your home, they mentally deduct the cost of repairs and renovations from the amount they are willing to pay for the property. By having a renovated bathroom, they won’t be able to deduct anything. It could encourage them to pay top dollar for your home.

A Success Story
We recently completed a bathroom renovation in Glenfield. As you can see from the images below, some of the fixtures and fittings were beginning to get quite worn. This increases the potential for leaks and other bathroom nasties!

“Thank you Emma again for the smooth process and great communication on this project. You made it super easy and stress free! I have recommended you to my colleague for her bathroom renovation – Aurelie”

By renovating the room, we have protected this property from the danger of leaks. As an added bonus, the room looks amazing too!

Check out the before and after photos…


Are you looking to protect your asset and add value to your home? Then get in touch with us here at JACK. We can create a stylish and modern renovation that will leave you (and any potential buyers) feeling wowed!

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