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Did you know over 90% of our new business is referrals?

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The idea behind a big business is often simple – to provide solutions for people and other businesses. JACK is no exception to this. Check our new website and book a job now or get a free quote for the 4 services we offer: Building, Eelectrical, Painting and Plumbing. 
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Our tradesmen specialise in carrying out high value home renovations and extension work. Would you like to work with us? Contact us now.

7 Tips on Choosing Tradesmen
We would like to share a few tips with you on how to select great tradesmen to work on your home or building:

1. Contractors’ rates

Contractors will either charge an hourly rate (sometimes the first hour is more), travel time and then a rate for materials. Most put a mark-up on the cost of materials which is down to their discretion. However, you can establish and agree what rate or margin they will make on cost at the outset if you want to.
If you have a quote for any project ensure that it is well documented and detailed with everything you have agreed. Make sure both parties sign the quote and that clear payment terms are established at the outset before any work begins.

2. Business hours

This may seem trivial, however if you don’t want to be disturbed at 7.30am every morning when works commence you need to set guidelines on this and also whether you wish work to be carried out on weekends. Different rates will normally apply to weekend work and public holidays – often much higher.

3. Health and safety policies
Good companies work within these regulations and their staff are trained in health and safety rules.This helps to avoid accidents on sites and saves everyone time and money.

4. Insurance

It astounds me how many contractors do not carry any insurance or have insufficient cover for the type of work they are carrying out. If anything happens on site you need to know in full confidence that your property is safe and that the contactor is fully insured. Ask the question and don’t be afraid to ask for documentation to prove it.

5. Contractor associations
Not all contractors belong to these and they are not compulsory. However the benefits of using a registered master builder for instance, are vast. You can check on your builder, confirm his credentials, obtain references on his work, have a guarantee on his work and have a system for dealing with any issues that may arise if necessary.
You do not pay more for a member but you certainly get a whole lot more. Most trades have an association and it’s very easy to find members for each, so do your research.

6. References
All too often I hear customers say “well I know a guy who used him and he said he was great”. That’s one very thin reference by word of mouth and you are playing Russian roulette with the odds stacked heavily against you (remember the one from 10 we actually meet who may work for us). 
Always obtain written references from contractors (at least three) and make sure they are current. Phone the referees and talk to them about how the job went, ask if the job was delivered at the agreed price and in the agreed timeframe. Ask if the contractor was organised, clean and tidy and professional in his approach.
 Always make sure that you provide a reference for any tradesman that does a good job for you and make sure you highlight the areas that most impressed you. 
Websites like have become very popular in the last few years for good reason, check them out and post your comments but always be fair and honest.

7. Compatibility

It’s fair to say that if you dislike a contractor when you first meet them or they show characteristics that you find unappealing you should not engage their services.

The construction industry has had its issues with individuals and companies that promise the world and deliver something far short of that, never to be seen again. Check the JACK guarantee!

All the best
The Awesome Team at Jack

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