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The Value Of Great Customer Service

Why Great Customer Service?

Some businesses don’t realise that every interaction they have with their clients is a chance to impress them with excellent customer service. Customer service is not limited to when you complete a transaction or when you first meet. Instead, it is an ongoing connection with your clients.

If you don’t form a positive connection, then your clients are not going to have a positive experience with your business.

However, if you do form a positive connection, you start building the strong foundation for a long-standing relationship.

That is what we make a point of doing here at Jack. We feel very privileged that our clients want to work with us, so we want to make it the best experience possible.

Recently, we completed two renovation jobs for clients we have worked with previously…

A Roof Over Your Head

One of our lovely clients recently bought a new home. She’d had a building report completed on the property before purchase and discovered it needed some roof repairs and painting.

She approached us here at Jack to complete the building report work. We undertook the repairs and repainted the whole roof. 

It looks like a whole new roof! We gave it a new lease of life.

Not only does it look amazing, but we also provided a 10-year warranty on the painting work that we completed. So, our client has the security that the job has been done well and will last.

Funnily enough, she was so impressed with the work and the service she received, that we are now quoting on a larger scale renovation job for her.

Porritt Avenue Paradise

Our Porritt Avenue clients came to us stressed out and worried.

They had a huge renovation project that they were working on. It included demolition, building and gib work, plastering, gib cove, tiling, electrical, plumbing, and gas. We undertook the bulk of the work for them.

They were initially trying to handle the project management themselves, organising their own plasterers, cabinetry, timber flooring and painting. Unfortunately, they had a really negative experience with their plasterer who was very difficult to deal with. In the end, we resolved that issue by having our own plasterer complete the work. 

Our client was so relieved, “Thanks again for your calm and reassuring approach this morning – it was all feeling very doom and gloom and we now feel a lot better, and had a good feeling from Alan also, so thanks for bringing him in.”

They also recognised the value of having an expert project manager involved in the renovation. Because we were on the ground, doing the work every day, we were able to organise their tradespeople for them and work in with the trades to keep to schedule and budget. The response we received from the client was intense gratitude!

“Thank you so much, we seriously couldn’t have done this without you”

Not only were we able to take the stress out of the renovation project for our clients, but it was awesome to be able to ease their minds too. 

Check out the end results…

“It’s looking AMAZING – you will need to come and see it when its all done. We are thrilled – our designer reckons you and your builders have done a beautiful job.”

So, would you like your next renovation project to be stress free and positive? Then give us a call here at Jack and we can make that happen!

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