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Your Roof Is More Than Protection From The Weather

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home. Not only does it protect your interior from cold, dirt and dust, rain, snow, sleet, hail and wind, but it also covers you from other potential dangers. As a key design element, it makes your house look better too.

A good roof will help to prevent health hazards by keeping the heat inside during the winter and maintaining a cooler temperature in summer. A lot of your heat transfer happens through the roof. Older rooves tend to let heat escape more easily. But newer rooves keep the heating costs down as less heat escapes.

That means it is not only good for you, but good for the environment too. With less need for constant heating and cooling of your home, you are being more energy efficient and draining fewer resources.

In comparison, an older, damaged roof can be a health hazard in itself. It may contain mould or bacteria, contaminating the air within the house. This can be a major issue for anyone with breathing difficulties or allergies.

Safety and Security

One of our lovely clients recently bought a new home. She’d had a building report completed on the property before purchase and discovered it needed some roof repairs and painting. This was an essential job to complete to prevent future issues from occurring.

She approached us here at Jack to complete the building report work. We undertook the repairs and repainted the whole roof.

It looks like a whole new roof! We gave it a new lease of life.

Not only does it look amazing, but we also provided a 10-year warranty on the painting work that we completed. So, our client has the security that the job has been done well and will last.

Funnily enough, she was so impressed with the work and the service she received, that we are now quoting on a larger scale renovation job for her.

Increasing The Value Of Your Home

Good roofing increases the value of your home. People will certainly not be willing to pay top dollar for a home that needs work. They will start mentally deducting away from the price they are willing to pay with every issue they spot. And a damaged roof could mean potential moisture issues, which may scare them off further!

However, if your roof looks as good as new, buyers will be able to visualise themselves living in the home without worry. That makes the home a wise investment for anyone.

So, how is your roof looking? Is it looking as good as new or could it use a bit of TLC?

We have a team of roofing experts here at JACK, ready to tackle your roofing project. So, if you would like quality work without the stress, then give us a call. Not only can we guarantee our workmanship, but we can manage the whole project so that you don’t have to! Get in contact today.

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